6434 0 All Aboard for a Semester Abroad Learn about your options to study abroad for a semester! Join us to explore how you can go abroad for fall or spring term and graduate on time in the Office of International Education from 2-5 pm. 11-FEB-2019 169 6435 0 What's the Scoop with Short-Term Education Abroad? Perhaps a short-term education abroad program would work for you? Join us from 4-6 pm in the Office of International Education, 102 Hagestad Hall, to find out the "scoop" on what programs might work for you in J-Term, spring break or summer. 24-APR-2019 0 3404 0 Want to learn more about education abroad? Stop by the Office of International Education in 102 Hagestad Hall. Our helpful peer advisors will help answer all of your burning questions about study abroad (they've been in your shoes before!). 0